Proper weight loss is all about losing excess body fat and not burning off the muscles. Some workout plans to lose weight end up consuming muscles which are hard to develop. Some people starve their bodies with the idea of losing weight, and this leads to calorie deficit within the body.

When this happens, the body has to look for alternative means of giving the body energy for various actions such as breathing, moving, and food digestion and for the heart to pump blood. To get this energy, the body will not only burn fats in the body, but also go for lean muscle tissues for energy production.

If you want to maintain a great body figure and milk away fats alone, it would be best if you look for diet plans and workouts that will help in the same. Of course, we highly recommend The No Think Diet Review for the most useful information, but still, below are some dieting plans to help you burn fats alone, but leave the body muscles intact and healthy.

1. Get plenty of proteins in each meal
Proteins are very important in body muscle and cell development, hence needs to be included in each meal plan. The good thing with consuming proteins is that, they are digested and converted into amino acids, which contribute to muscle health and development. The body also uses these amino acids in cell manufacture and regeneration. Any excess proteins are either respired or ejected out of the body as waste, and are never converted into fats. Eating proteins will thus help lose weight without losing an ounce of a muscle tissue.

2. Work on weights and intensity as recommended by a physician
The main idea behind lifting weights or training is to lose fats and develop muscle, and not the other way around. Indulging into too much exercise, and forcing your body into more strenuous exercises just to gain more muscles causes more harm than good. Straining your muscles too much eats away muscle tissues, hence the reason why many people experience fatigue after a long day of training. To avoid this, only give the body as much as it can take, and nothing more.

3. Consider post and pre nutritional diet after a workout
Workouts catalyze weight and fat loss by a great margin. Since your main target is to get rid of the fats but retain muscle growth, you then have to feed these muscles in preparation for strenuous exercises. Law carb diets but rich in proteins can be a good start to make this a success, you can try protein and milk shakes to facilitate muscle health, as well as give the body enough energy to handle the exercises. You can also ask your physician to help you determine the right nutritional diet to use.

4. Take enough calories as needed by the body
For the body to be able to burn fats in the body, a calorie deficiency needs to be created in the same. You however need to be careful not to create calorie “vacuum” within the body, as this will make the body start synthesizing body tissues to produce energy. To counter this, you should take meals with enough calorie count to sustain the body of its energy needs. This way, the body will not turn to lean body muscles for energy.

5. Take plenty of pure water
Water is a necessity for body health and muscle growth. Water helps keep the body hydrated for cell functions, as well as cleansing the cells from toxins resulting from fat respiration. One thing you need to understand is that, any fizzy drink or juice cannot replace pure water. These carbonated drinks have high levels of calories, which lead to excess weight gain and fat deposits in the body. Taking pure water gives the body a serene environment to take on any exercises you are undertaking comfortably, and does not contribute to weight gain.