About Dr. Charles Livingston

The Truth about Dr. Charles Livingston, Author/ Creator of the Fat Loss Factor and No Think Diet

Dr. Charles Livingston is among the well known wellness and fitness experts today. He is the author/ creator of the ever-effective weight loss solution, the Fat Loss Factor, and he is also the expert behind the Cellulite Factor, a health and fitness guide helping women with issues with fats and cellulites.

Dr. Charles Livingston

Dr. Charles Livingston

As of today, Dr. Charles is already gaining world-wide attention with the success of his weight loss programs and has even attracted wide media attention and celebrity endorsements. He is often invited as a fitness-nutrition speaker in many events and/or seminars and even has experience hosting a popular web radio station (his very first stint at success.)

On the other hand, not everything about Dr. Charles’ success started easy. His skills, background, and real expertise in the field of health and weight loss did help him gain widespread recognition, but his competitors and detractors didn’t let him get a chance at success without a few obstacles.

Myths about Dr. Charles Livingston, aka Dr. Charles DC

There are telltales about his programs being scams (using fake before and after photos, which some irresponsible marketers not directly associated with Dr. Charles had used) and even creative make-believe stories about his alias, ‘Dr. Charles D.C.’ (of course not everyone starting out in a publicly scrutinized industry would be confident instantly in using his or her real name.) But despite it all, the truth about the man behind the highly successful and effective programs for losing weight prevailed over the attempts to bring this doctor/ expert’s name down.

The Real Dr. Charles DC/ Livingston

The real deal about Dr. Charles Livingston is that he is a real expert in the industry of health and wellness. He is a board certified chiropractor, a certified nutritionist, and a PhD holder from Palmers College of Chiropractic.

Ever since the success of his first book, the Fat Loss Factor, Dr. Charles had also amped up his career serving as a public speaker, celebrity nutritionist, fitness consultant, and even as a personal trainer (much to the envy of his competitors.)

His works have been featured in multiple online media platforms, blog sites and press releases, and he has ever since become one of the country’s most prolific wellness and weight loss experts.

True enough, Dr. Charles Livingston (more commonly called Dr Charles D.C) has all the expertise one needs based on his academic standing and professional career as chiropractor and nutritionist.

He has a clinic in Indiana – complete with a team of experts – and his system is constantly backed by his endless skills, hard work, research and experience with satisfied customers.

He is definitely not one of those slick marketing ‘fitness gurus’ trying to scam money out of people’s pockets, taking advantage of their health and weight issues.

Forget about his resume; you can notice Dr. Charles’ physique and general athletic capacity. It perfectly reflects the effectiveness of his fitness program. You can also ask some of his satisfied clients.

By the way, Dr. Charles Livingston is also registered with the Better Business Bureau. His program Fat Loss Factor is BBB Accredited and his new program, the No Think Diet, is also out now gaining a lot of positive reviews and various endorsements. So is he the real deal or not?