The No Think Diet is promoted as a lifestyle change instead of just a fad diet, so this makes it very appealing to consumers. But is the No Think Diet any good or is it some kind of internet scam? Below is my full review of Dr. Charles’ diet and what all is included in following the diet.

Because the No Think Diet comes complete with a trial offer and testimonials, many people are looking into this diet to see what it can offer them concerning their weight loss efforts. This diet also does not cut out healthy food groups and promote rapid weight loss like some other fad diets tend to do. Instead, it ensures its dieters are eating a well-balanced food selection for their meals and losing weight in a healthy manner…. But does that even matter?

Well, before we get into the diet any further, I think it’s important to point out that this is not the actual No Think Diet website. To visit Dr. Charles official website you can click here or you can continue reading to get my two cents.

The Reviews

Consumer reviews of the No Think Diet stress the importance of making healthy food choices and watching portioning. They also say that the diet enables them to think about their eating and lifestyle differently, promoting a healthy life first and the weight loss coming naturally in the process as a benefit.

No Think Diet

Losing weight in this manner helps a person ensure they keep the weight off instead of losing the weight in an unhealthy or restrictive way only to find out they are not able to sustain this weight loss in the end. (crash dieting – stay away from this)

Some hype about the No Think Diet has led some to believe that they are able to eat just about anything and still lose weight. However, this diet is all about healthy choices, so no fad dieters need to be believing that they are going to eat that huge chocolate cake in one sitting and go about their business taking 8 pounds off that week.

Instead, this is a real dietary regimen in which yes no foods are necessarily off limits, but you must make those healthy food choices and eat and exercise correctly – which you’ll be taught how. – for more info on the food choices and exercising, please visit this website.

Getting Healthy & Losing Weight

Of course dieting correctly instead of fad dieting only to see the weight disappear is going to actually make a person more healthy overall. This of course has numerous benefits, such as better functioning organs and a healthier immune system.

The idea that you can still partake of those favorite foods that you enjoy in moderation is another solution to a diet lasting and working for someone as well. This idea is the whole centered reason behind the non-restrictive diet working out as a lifestyle change.

One negative review to this diet for some consumers is its name.

The name suggests in a way that dieting is a no-brainer. This can lead many consumers to initially think that what they are about to do is lose weight without having to “think” about anything. Quite the contrary, this diet, as with any real diet that works in the long run, does have everything to do with “thinking” about the food choices you make. Therefore, some reviews do not consider the No Think Diet a very favorable name … which is understandable.

guaranteeThe reason it’s called “No Think Diet” is because Dr. Charles lays out everything you need to know. If you follow his advice you’re literally guaranteed to lose weight. In fact, the diet is backed by a full money back guarantee for 60 days after buying it.

To learn more about the diet and how Dr. Charles can back this with such a good guarantee, please visit his website here.

As with any respectable diet, the food you eat must be accompanied by the right amount of exercise. And while the No Think Diet does follow the traditional rule the proper dieting must not be restrictive, many consumers are also claiming that with a little research and dietary education, you can make lifestyle changes like this on your own without having to pay for some “diet plan.”

Still, with all the different food choices and combinations out there as well as dietary knowledge to get your hands on, it would seem on the flip side that perhaps a well-constructed comprehensive and healthy diet plan with all the information presented together would prove beneficial to those needing a helping hand… plus it saves you a lot of time and guess work weeding through the correct and the incorrect information available. (This is actually one of our favorite aspects to the diet)

Other consumer reviews for this diet do tend to write about foods that should be avoided instead of consumed in moderation.

Upon signing up, you would be given many different recipes developed using “yes” foods. While this diet seems to be presented with two different faces, it also appears that it is again much less restrictive than other diets, if at all restrictive. It also appears that perception is what drives this diet to be anywhere near being restrictive.

Recommended or Not?

There are thousands of people within the dieting community saying that this No Think Diet has provided them with an easier approach to natural and healthy weight loss.

It can be difficult putting everything together in a well-balanced manner, so this diet presenting it in a simple and effective way is quite appealing to many. Truth be told, the only way you can know for sure is to see for yourself. All-in-all I do recommend this diet and I feel that Dr. Charles did a great job of putting together a fool-proof and guaranteed fat loss plan.

If you think you might want to buy the No Think Diet or to learn more about it from his personal website, please click here to visit his official website.